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Message from the President

Kyuden Technosystems Corporation, acting as one of the Kyuden Group companies, has developed along with electrical energy for more than half a century through the provision of a wide range of products and services necessary for electric power networks, from power stations to customers. Taking full advantage of all its operating resources, including capabilities in technology and services nurtured over its long involvement with the industry, Kyuden Technosystems will continue to pursue a future centered on electrical energy, and provide high value-added to large numbers of customers.


In electric power infrastructure, Kyuden Technosystems will contribute to the advancement of smart technology through the provision of high-tech products such as smart grids and smart meters, to realize more sophisticated distribution networks. We will also offer services that respond to customer needs and that address energy conservation, for example through energy use visualization as exemplified by energy management systems for buildings and households.


Towards the realization of a society that is eco-friendly and sustainable, we have in mind a future social infrastructure that will embody “low carbon,” “safety” and “amenity.” More specifically, through the integration of our strengths in metering, monitoring and control technologies with ICT technology, we are planning to create EV/PHV charging infrastructure that will contribute to smart transportation systems, and develop smart technology for water supply and sewage systems.


As a company that is involved with the foundation that supports the daily lives of customers in Kyushu and beyond, we will persevere in maintaining our commitment to an electrical-energy-based social infrastructure, with the slogan “brightening everyday living.” Keeping this in mind, everyone at Kyuden Technosystems will continue to face the challenges of the times with positive determination while valuing harmony between individuals.



Toshiki Ono




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