Company profile

Trade NameKyuden Technosystems Corporation
Establishment dateJuly 29, 1960
Capital 327.22 million yen
Location of Head office19-18, Shimizu 4-chome, Minami-Ku, Fukuoka 815-0031 Japan
Workforce   632 employees (As of July.2024)

Main Businesses

  • Development, manufacture, maintenance, adjustment, sales, unit integration, leasing, maintenance management of electrical measuring equipment and various other measuring equipment as well as application proxy services for competency tests on those equipment
  • Development, manufacture, sales, leasing, and maintenance management of power monitoring and control systems, information and communications systems, energy conservation systems, and related equipment
  • Development, manufacture, sale, leasing, and maintenance management of electrical machinery and tools, general industrial machinery and equipment, and electronic control devices
  • Manufacture, maintenance, adjustment, and sales of water-supply-measuring equipment and related equipment
  • Development, manufacture, sales, leasing and maintenance management of computer systems, software, and related equipment
  • Design and execution of electric meter installation, automatic meter reading installation, and installation related to each of the preceding items
  • Commissioning of maintenance testing as well as surveys and research on electrical facilities
  • Environmentally friendly recycling of electrical and various other measuring equipment
  • Design, execution, and maintenance of power-station-related electrical facilities
  • Diagnosis and regeneration of lead battery

Main Products and Services

  • Demand Control Devices
  • EMS
  • Solar-power generation equipment
  • Lead battery
  • Quick and normal chargers for electric vehicles
  • Water meters and peripheral devices
  • Various watt-hour meters
  • Communication units and switching units for unit meters
  • Current limiters, high-voltage instrument transformers, time switches, and electric wire fuses
  • Various voltage regulators
  • Construction materials for power distribution
  • Computer and peripheral devices, system development, and computer maintenance
  • Consultation on control equipment, measuring equipment, voltage load management, etc.
  • Switchboards, control boards and other power receiving and distribution equipment
  • Remote monitoring and control equipment for electric power systems
  • Measuring equipment for various electric power facilities as well as replacement and maintenance of those equipment
  • Design and construction of telecommunications facilities
  • Power station intercoms and monitoring equipment, etc.

Main technologies

Circuit Design (Product Development) Sector

● Voltage and current measurement circuit design   

● Signal processing circuit design          

● Monitoring and control circuit design

● Communication circuit design

Wired (IP, CDT, HDLC), PLC (power line carrier), wireless (LTE, 920 MHz band, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

Multiplex transmission, multidrop, internal antennas, diversity, routing

● EMI/EMC design  

● Lightning and noise-resistant design    

● Structural design

● Embedded Software: application, middleware, and driver development

● Smartphone application software

● Compliance with various standards: JATE, Radio Act, ARIB, PSE, TELEC, CHAdeMO, ECHONETLite, Wi-SUN, etc.


Field Engineering Sector

● Electric meter installation, automatic meter reading installation, and system maintenance and monitoring

● Electrical facilities (power generation, transformation, and distribution): Commissioning of design, execution, maintenance, and inspection

● Cable insulation diagnosis    

● Construction of solar-power generation facilities and storage battery facilities

● Construction of air conditioning equipment, installation and renewal of water meters        ●            Construction of fire-fighting facilities


ICT Sector

● Monitoring and control system construction technology (system development and maintenance, system analysis, and consulting)

● Information security technologies (encryption, equipment authentication, etc.)

● Information collection and management technology (real-time data collection, storage, management, collaboration, operation, etc.)

● Simulation technology (EMTP, MATLAB, etc.)  

● Information analysis, visualization and search technologies

● Construction technologies

OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux, μITron, Android, iOS, etc.

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VB, Python, etc.

DB: PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, etc.

Web: ASP, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, LWM2M, etc.

Communications: TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, IrDA, CTI, IC tags, etc.