Company profile

Trade NameKyuden Technosystems Corporation
Establishment dateJuly 29, 1960
Capital 327.22 million yen
Location of Head office19-18, Shimizu 4-chome, Minami-Ku, Fukuoka 815-0031 Japan
Workforce   599 employees (As of July.2021)

Main Businesses

  1. Development, manufacture, maintenance, adjustment, sales, unit integration, leasing, maintenance management of electrical measuring equipment and various other measuring equipment as well as application proxy services for competency tests on those equipment
  2. Development, manufacture, sales, leasing, and maintenance management of power monitoring and control systems, information and communications systems, energy conservation systems, and related equipment
  3. Development, manufacture, sale, leasing, and maintenance management of electrical machinery and tools, general industrial machinery and equipment, and electronic control devices
  4. Manufacture, maintenance, adjustment, and sales of water-supply-measuring equipment and related equipment
  5. Development, manufacture, sales, leasing and maintenance management of computer systems, software, and related equipment
  6. Design and execution of electric meter installation, automatic meter reading installation, and installation related to each of the preceding items
  7. Commissioning of maintenance testing as well as surveys and research on electrical facilities
  8. Environmentally friendly recycling of electrical and various other measuring equipment
  9. Design, execution, and maintenance of power-station-related electrical facilities

Main Products and Services

  1. Various watt-hour meters
  2. Communication units and switching units for unit meters
  3. Current limiters, high-voltage instrument transformers, time switches, and electric wire fuses
  4. Various voltage regulators
  5. Construction materials for power distribution
  6. Computer and peripheral devices, system development, and computer maintenance
  7. Consultation on control equipment, measuring equipment, voltage load management, etc.
  8. Switchboards, control boards and other power receiving and distribution equipment
  9. Remote monitoring and control equipment for electric power systems
  10. Measuring equipment for various electric power facilities as well as replacement and maintenance of those equipment
  11. Design and construction of telecommunications facilities
  12. Power station intercoms and monitoring equipment
  13. Solar-power generation equipment
  14. Quick and normal chargers for electric vehicles
  15. Water meters and peripheral devices

Main technologies

Circuit Design (Product Development) Sector

● Voltage and current measurement circuit design   

● Signal processing circuit design          

● Monitoring and control circuit design

● Communication circuit design

Wired (IP, CDT, HDLC), PLC (power line carrier), wireless (LTE, 920 MHz band, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

Multiplex transmission, multidrop, internal antennas, diversity, routing

● EMI/EMC design  

● Lightning and noise-resistant design    

● Structural design

● Embedded Software: application, middleware, and driver development

● Smartphone application software

● Compliance with various standards: JATE, Radio Act, ARIB, PSE, TELEC, CHAdeMO, ECHONETLite, Wi-SUN, etc.


Field Engineering Sector

● Electric meter installation, automatic meter reading installation, and system maintenance and monitoring

● Electrical facilities (power generation, transformation, and distribution): Commissioning of design, execution, maintenance, and inspection

● Cable insulation diagnosis    

● Construction of solar-power generation facilities and storage battery facilities

● Construction of air conditioning equipment, installation and renewal of water meters        ●            Construction of fire-fighting facilities


ICT Sector

● Monitoring and control system construction technology (system development and maintenance, system analysis, and consulting)

● Information security technologies (encryption, equipment authentication, etc.)

● Information collection and management technology (real-time data collection, storage, management, collaboration, operation, etc.)

● Simulation technology (EMTP, MATLAB, etc.)  

● Information analysis, visualization and search technologies

● Construction technologies

OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux, μITron, Android, iOS, etc.

Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VB, Python, etc.

DB: PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, etc.

Web: ASP, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, LWM2M, etc.

Communications: TCP/IP, UDP, MQTT, IrDA, CTI, IC tags, etc.