Management Principles

We will contribute to the realization of a comfortable and environmentally friendly society by supporting the future of electric power and energy through technologies that are trusted throughout all times.

○   We aim to be a “leading company” that supports a recycling-oriented society through valuable products and services.

○   We will fulfill our corporate social responsibility and become a company that is trusted by local communities and society.

○   We will continue to be a company that has an abundance of cheer—where there are smiles on the faces of each and every one of our employees—as we develop talent who will lead the next generation.

Management Vision 2030

Giving Form to Our Customers’ Ideas with New Solutions:

- Towards Becoming a One-of-a-Kind Company that Develops People and Technologies as Well as Creates the Future -

○   We will listen to feedback from our customers and use our visionary product development capabilities to provide innovative energy solutions to the issues of local communities and society.

○   We will combine advanced technologies with our company's measurement, monitoring, control, and other core technologies to provide solutions that are optimized for evolving power systems.

○   We aim to be the company of choice for our customers by developing talent who take on challenges with a proactive attitude.

Corporate Slogan

We make everyday life brighter

Our mission is to create a prosperous future for everyone by adapting to the ever-changing social environment and a society fueled by new forms of energy so that we can all lead safe and comfortable lives.